Nice to meet you,

I'm Bryanna!

Specializing in vivid fashion color,

balayage and corrective color

You can consider me your friendly neighborhood nerd! When it comes to pop culture, anime, Disney, etc I'm your girl. Providing an amazing service while offering tips and unique trivia bits is what I do.

Playing Video Games

“My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is the opportunity help my clients learn about their hair, how to take care of it and that it’s not as difficult as it may feel to maintain a beautiful investment.


If you were to sit in my chair, you’d leave with a wealth of knowledge to make your life, and your hair care routine, a lot easier."

I became a stylist because I wanted to be someone who could help others who have 'difficult hair. I have natural curl and my hair is thick and coarse, so one wrong move and that was it. I found my passion in helping people maintain their locks before diving deep into color.
Now I strive to help people reach their wildest, most fantastical dreams through use of vivid fashion colors. I embrace unique and alternative methods and styles and use them as inspiration for the funnest looks! Balayage is fun, but there's something so special about a mane full of wild colors.
When I'm not in the shop, I'm most likely at home relaxing with my video game flavor of the week with my cats or out and about (most likely at Disney) with my friends.